Women Who Swear

All About Aja - 21 Questions

What year were you born?     1980


What is your  sign?   Leo


Your favorite physical feature?      I like my eyes


What is your earliest memory?      I don't really remember my childhood or my teen years... I guess the first thing that came to mind was when I was very small (2/3 maybe) there was a little earthquake, I remember being in my bed surrounded by a wall of stuffed animals. I remember thinking that a ghost was shaking my bed and being really scared. I think about it now and it's crazy but in that memory there is another one of being half asleep and half awake and having the ghost that I thought was shaking my bed saying my name. I get scared thinking about it even today. I remember sleeping with the wall of dolls and stuffed animals until I was 11 or 12 it was a barrier against me and the boogie man.Bad vibes lol


What is your favorite song?    My favourite song I think would have to be Walk on the Wild side by Lou Reed.  It's like it doesn't matter what kind of day you're having you hear that opening slide and it's just Ahhh there you go thanks Lou.  I have in general lots of favourite songs and they change frequently.but over all, Walk on the Wild Side.


If you could meet and talk to anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?     If I could meet anyone?? That is a big question. When I was younger I always wanted to meet people so that I could save them. Kurt Cobain ,Chris Farley I wanted to know the words that they needed to hear to make everything OK. Feels weird to say that! I think now my answer would be really different, my husband and I always have this conversation, "who would you have at your barbecue?" I think now it would be Oprah because she is Oprah... Ellen Degeneres she seems to be all happy and good vibes, Barack Obama, and Dave Grohl. Maybe Eddie Vedder and Jack White as well. Definitely Amy Schumer, this would be a great barbecue. Each of these different people have things that I like and it admire and want to learn. Of course Tim (a friend who has passed) would be there too. I think I would just love to be in the presence of people that understand what direction they're going in and aren't afraid to take the risks to just go there.


Where would you take them?      Where would I take them ? I always picture having this happen at my home ...of course in this picture my home is expensive and on the water and we're barbecuing on my dock LOL


What is your defining characteristic?     I am funny. And loud.


Can you tell me one thing that nobody else knows about you?    I believe in ghosts. That there have been times in my life that feel like I wasnt here. Like “ here”.  I have had experiences that just cannot be explained.


What most recently brought you to tears?    Everything. Sad, happy, tired, frustrated, hungry.


What has been your greatest gift?     My husband Chris. Everything that is good came from that foundation.  


Your biggest regret?     Dropping out of school.


Most humiliating moment?     I came to school one day through the smoking section. Someone had spraypainted “AJA WHORE” on the sidewalk.  I know who did it. I never went back.


If you could tell your 15 year old self anything, what would it be?     Respect yourself. Take care of yourself. Try. And you are worth it.


What did she want to be when she grew up?    Anywhere but here. Anonymous.  I had no plan and was not expected to accomplish anything.


What about now?  I want to experience something different every day.  To know that I am alive and growing.  I would love to feel that I have had a positive impact on someone's life.


Your idea of a perfect day?     Sundays. Day off. Family together without plans. Freedom from a schedule.



Where in the world would you most like to visit?    Galapagos Islands. Darwin, sea turtles. Look it up.  



Your favorite book ever?    Fall on your knees Anne Marie Mc Donald. It ruins me every time I read it.


Who do you most admire and why?    My two sons. Seth has outrageous confidence. Hayden has an amazing work ethic.  I am in awe of their differences and how we can all be better together.  Hopefully they will learn from eachother.  Thay blow my mind every day.


Your epitaph?     “When the fear of things staying the same is greater than the fear of things changing.” I want to be remembered as a force, a presence. That people felt that great things were going to happen when they were with me.


Why did you start Women Who Swear?


There is no wrong way to be yourself.  I wanted to create a space to help people to be good with who they are, to change the conversations we have with our young women.  Stop the outrage and anger when mistakes are made, especially at ourselves.  


Whatever you want to be, you just need to be.  We need to foster an environment that supports you.  Whatever that means.  We need to change the conversation. We own the right to choose what happens to our bodies, and what we feed our minds.  You are not alone in anything you go through.